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Airline Ares (Swivel)

Airline Ares (Swivel)

Several Zwaardvis table systems are available for the Airline rails, which are detachable and can be mounted at any desired position on the rail.
Choose the appropriate configuration for your project.

The Ares table pedestals with Twist-Lock locking systems offer a dynamic solution, allowing your table to effortlessly adjust to different positions with optimal flexibility. Perfectly suitable for compact spaces such as campers or boats.
Choose the desired pedestal with a leaf carrier for a tabletop that is swivel, foldable, or a combination of both.

Item no. Item Price / Euro [without VAT]
81611Ares-AR, Airline locking, Plug-In 60/40 with Ґ-shape swivel arm,for pivoting table top229,00
81612Ares-AF, Airline locking, Plug-In 60/40 with L-shape swivel arm, for fold-down table top 239,00
81615Ares-AA, Airline locking, Plug-In 60/40 with L-shape swivel arm, for pivoting and fold-down table top329,00
64200-49Table slider set for Ø 76 mm support, slides 240 mm65,00
69061Rubber wall mount clamp for Ø 60 mm column10,00

Valid Value Added Tax (VAT) for deliveries to private customers within the EU is 21%. For residential customers outside the EU, the VAT in the respective home country (= shipping address) is taken.

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