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Seat pedestals for marine leisure

Enjoy your maritime adventures over an extended period. Whether you’re planning a day of relaxation on the water or an adventurous trip, comfort and functionality are always important. Zwaardvis offers countless options to make your time on the water as relaxing as possible. How? By supplying functional and innovative seat pedestals and table solutions for leisure boating that respond to every need for guaranteed comfort.

Our design philosophy plays a central role here: subtle integration into the interior. The stylish appearance and design of our seats and tables pedestals, as well as the upper parts of the seat, perfectly reflect the style of your boat. Our designs are notable for their choice of materials and the range of models available. The main raw material we use is recyclable aluminium, because we are eager to protect the environment for future generations.

Seat pedestals with fixed height

For those looking for simplicity, accessibility and cost-efficiency, fixed height seat pedestals are the ideal solution. The ergonomic design maximizes comfort, even on longer trips.


Stainless steel

Box mounting

Unobtrusive and secure are the perfect words to describe box mounting. In this case, the seat is mounted directly on a storage box with the box mount. This results in an easily movable seat with a base that is barely visible, and therefore a minimal height-adjustable column.

Seat pedestals with adjustable height

Our seat pedestals with adjustable height allow a seat base to be set to any desired seat height. Flexibility at its finest, and the ultimate in comfort.


Stainless steel

Deck tracks

Deck tracks are essential in areas where the entire seat needs to slide back significantly to facilitate stepping away from the console. This sliding solution increases freedom of movement.