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Table pedestals for recreational vehicles

A table in a motorhome, campervan, or caravan is a versatile piece of furniture. During the day, it might be used as workplace and dinner table, in the evening converted into a coffee table and afterwards converted into a bed. Zwaardvis has more than forty years of experience in space-efficient table solutions. Most of our production is in-house, and we sell our products worldwide. We pay constant attention to quality, sustainability, durability, reliability, and design, which results in sturdy and subtle products that can be used in multiple ways for maximum comfort.

Flexibility is enhanced by our bespoke solutions and our modular pedestals with base, column and table top support. Screwless assembly makes life easy, while the distinctive ribbed look in durable aluminium provides a stylish design. The collection offers specific solutions for various uses that can be integrated seamlessly into any interior.

Table pedestals for large table tops

A Triton table base is indispensable if you want to create an impressive dining table, coffee table, or other large surface. This base, especially designed for large table tops, provides solid support.

Triton table columns

T-System table supports


For dinner table, coffee table or bed. The new generation table systems suitable for every functionality. For fixed, moveable or foldable table top or combined functionalities.

Design your own table for your boat, motor home, caravan, horse box or mobile office.

The table pedestal solutions are made with anodized aluminium base, column and support for a solid and light weight pedestal. With high end shiny polished stainless steel eccentric locking for height adjustment and aluminiumsecure spring locking for the moveable options of the support.

With adaptor for mounting the T-System table supports. The base is made of anodized/polished aluminium. Aluminum base Ø 300 mm also available with shiny polished stainless steel cover.

Another height requested? Another size for the support? Another force required to support for height adjustment?

We gladly inform you to design the solution that fits!

Table pedestals with fixed height

Depending on specific needs, table bases with a fixed height are essential. This is especially true when the goal is simplicity. This product doesn’t wear out, and lasts forever thanks to its simplicity. A table base with a fixed height is therefore durable, and ideal for a project with a more limited budget.

Dismountable table pedestals

Our dismountable table pedestals are versatile and user-friendly. They are easy to store, quickly freeing up valuable space, and the robust but simple mounting system by pivoting movement makes it easy to attach the pedestal to various models of Quick Release bases.

Quick Release

Table pedestals with adjustable height

Ultimate flexibility with a few simple movements, thanks to these height-adjustable pedestals. Switch from a dining table to a workplace in an instant, or create an extra sleeping area. The table height is easy to adjust to your needs at any given time.

For dinner & coffee table

For dinner & coffee table & bed

For dinner table & bed

Wall mount table pedestals

Wall mounted table pedestals are extremely versatile and flexible. For example, they can be used as a handy side table or functional bedside table. They are specially designed to be folded away when not in use, freeing up valuable extra space.


Stainless steel

Sliders for table pedestals

Find out more about how our bases can be extended with sliders.